The Legend Of How Pictou County Pizza Came To Be And Why It’s Sooo Darn Good

Pizza can be a touchy subject especially when you’re bold enough to say one town has better pies than another. A lot of pizza lovers will say that their town boasts the best slices. There are pizza wars in a few Nova Scotia locations, Cole Harbour and Sydney are two.

They may have great pizza, but none rivals the unique pizza that is Pictou County pizza. The pizza from this area of Nova Scotia has been shipped around the world for special events and even to Canadian troops in Afghanistan.

Legend says it all started in 1962 when two Greek immigrants to the area, George Kouyas and his brother Demetre opened Sam’s Pizza in Stellarton, NS. They did something no others did, they made their pizza with the legendary Pictou County pizza trademark, spicy brown tomato sauce, instead of the traditional red tomato sauce.

For anyone from outside Pictou County, brown sauce would be out of the ordinary, but for residents of Pictou County, anything but would not be normal. It is the sauce that makes their pizza the best around.

Pictou County style pizza is loaded with specifically, thick Brother’s pepperoni from Halifax. Slices are made from thick dough, no thin crust here.

Unlike other areas, Pictou County pizza is pretty standard, no matter where you buy it. Even so residents still argue as to who has the best pizza. Usually it’s between Sam’s (who has locations in Stellarton and Trenton) and Acropole (they have locations in Downtown New Glasgow, Westville and Pictou) Acropole is popular with the late night crowd who is looking for a slice before heading home after the pubs close.

There is a pizza joint called Pictou County Pizza, that actually has a trademark on the name Pictou County Pizza.

There are opportunities to get the famous pizza outside of Pictou County. Acropole now has a location in Truro, NS. They do deliveries to Halifax on occasion with designated pick up locations and a $10 delivery fee that Pictou County pizza lovers are willing to pay.

There is also a pizza joint in the Halifax area that now offers Pictou County style pizza along with their regular offerings. Naya Pizza & Grill in Bedford, NS serves up the famous pizza pies.

No matter where you live, on your travels this summer, when you see the welcome to Pictou County sign, stop in for a slice of their famous pizza and you’ will see what we’re talking about.

You can also find Pictou County pizza frozen at many grocery stores along with the special brown sauce.

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