Sobeys Finally Comments On Issue Impacting Company’s Systems Since Friday – This Could Last A While

Empire Company Limited, parent company to Sobeys and stores such as Lawtons, Foodland and other grocery chains announced that it has been impacted by an IT systems issue.

Customers being impacted mostly appear to be pharmacy users. The Company says Grocery stores remain open to serve customers and are not experiencing significant disruptions at this time. However, some in-store services are functioning intermittently or with a delay.

Empire says the Company is making significant progress in reducing the impact of the disruption. As of this morning, it is unable to determine when all issues affecting its systems will be fully resolved.

Nova Scotia Buzz contacted Sobeys on Sunday asking if their systems had been the victim of a ransomware attack, but received no response from the grocery giant.

Numerous users on the website Reddit who say they work in various areas for the Company have said the company is facing an alleged alleged ransomware attack.

Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system and hold data hostage. A company can typically regain access to their computer systems if a sum of money is paid.

“At Sobeys, exceeding the needs of our customers is always our top priority. Our sole focus right now is on getting this problem rectified and we will provide further updates as relevant information becomes available,” said Pierre St-Laurent, Chief Operating Officer, Empire.

Nova Scotia Buzz has also received reports customers at Sobeys locations have been unable to purchase gift cards or redeem Scene Points.

If and when Sobeys replies to our questions we will update this story.

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Possible Ransomware Attack Has Shut Down Systems At Sobeys, Lawtons, Foodland And More

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