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Seven Frozen Chicken Wings Cost A Mother $17.99 At Atlantic Superstore – Then She Did This

Shannon Publicover of Porters Lake says she was feeling extremely ripped off when she saw what was in her box of Jane’s Pub Style Wings. Publicover had paid $17.99 at Atlantic Superstore only to find seven wings in the box.

Photo: Shannon Publicover

“I paid $17.99 at Superstore for Janes Pub Style Wings which apparently will only feed one person.” she said on Twitter. “There are only seven wings in the package. If I knew there were only that many, I wouldn’t have bought them. I shouldn’t have anyway. Too expensive.”

Photo: Shannon Publicover

Publicover was shocked when she weighed the contents of the 660g labeled box. The sauce weighed almost half as much as the wings. The box of wings stated you could feed your family in a pinch.

“I said there’s no way that will feed a family.” Publicover told Nova Scotia Buzz.

Atlantic Superstore receipt – Photo: Shannon Publicover

She ended up returning the opened box to Superstore and drove 17 km to Gateway Meat Market in Dartmouth where she bought 2 packs of fresh chicken wings and a whole chicken for $22.68.

Gateway Meat Market receipt – Photo Shannon Publicover

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