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Say it ain’t so! There Is A Shortage Of Alexander Keith’s And Other Beers In Nova Scotia

If you have visited your local NSLC store recently you may have noticed some empty spaces on the shelf where Alexander Keith’s and other locally produced beers are normally found.

Oland Brewery in Halifax produces everything from Alexander Keith’s and Oland Export to Budweiser Beer. The Brewery has confirmed there is a shortage of some products and the reasons are complex.

“This winter there were a number of unplanned power outages at the brewery.” said Wade Keller of Oland Brewery. “Those caused problems that also delayed our ability to brew Keith’s and Oland’s.”

The historic brewery in Halifax’s North End also began an eight week shutdown in December to install a new $8 million piece of pasteurizing equipment. They have been playing catch up over the last couple of months.

“Because we are in the middle of the city, we are constricted by trucking and noise by-laws.” says Keller. “We can only move beer out of the brewery at certain times of the day.” This is also a contributing factor according to Keller.

They are also short on hands and continue to look for workers. The Brewery had the help-wanted sign out for over a year and are still looking to hire.

The Brewery says most of these issues are being resolved, and they will hopefully be closer to normal in the next 10 days to 2 weeks.

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