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Read The Inspection Reports For Your Fav Nova Scotia Restaurants – Some Have Rodents And Unsafe Food, Others Have No Violations

The Nova Scotia Government says there are over 5,000 restaurants, grocery stores and food service facilities in the province.

Inspectors conduct regular inspections and audits of food service establishments using risk based assessments. The Government maintains a inspection report website that provides the public with the outcomes of their inspections.

“Clean and sanitize all areas affected by rodent droppings including shelves and under equipment of the kitchen, floors and under shelves in dry storage, floors in walk-in cooler, back room with hot water tank and garbage area. Remove dead mouse from the kitchen.” reads the inspection report of one popular restaurant’s report.

A report like that can close the restaurant until re-inspection. Not all violations are as serious and some are quickly remedied during inspection. Many restaurants have the same violations on a regular basis, but plenty of establishments have no violations at all.

Next time, before you head out for that bite to eat, feel free to view the establishments inspection report.

View Nova Scotia Food Establishment Inspection Reports here.

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