Prices Increased Overnight At NSLC Stores

Be prepared to pay more during your next trip to the NSLC. Prices increased Monday, March 27 due to a number of factors.

“This overall price change is due to increased costs to the supplier community, from raw goods such as bottles, cans, barley, and labels, to shipping, and excise taxes, as well as increases to our costs for items such as freight and foreign exchange.” said Allison Himmelman, Director of Communications for the NSLC.”

Overall, beverage alcohol prices increased by just over 3%.

The federal government is increasing the excise tax paid on alcohol by 6.3% to 18% overall on April 1. The NSLC notes not every supplier chooses to pass that cost on to customers through retail price increases.

Increased revenue from price adjustments are also shared with producers, including Nova Scotia wineries, brewers and distillers.

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