Australians Rejoice At $50/lb Live Christmas Lobster

With Dumping Day occurring only weeks ago, you can now pick up your favourite Nova Scotia crustaceans for around $8 per pound on the roadside.

As Christmas Day nears, many of us are thinking of cooking up a lobster feast for our bubbles of ten. At $8 per pound, it’s not that bad of a deal.

Australians have been picking up their local lobster in record numbers because prices have dropped dramatically. Live local lobster in Australia is currently selling for around $50 pound due to a trade rift with China. This is the lowest price in their country since the 1990’s.

It is also interesting that Austalians are buying cooked lobster for less than premium live lobster, Typically in Nova Scotia you would pay more per pound to have your lobster prepared for you.

The Daily Telegraph in Australia headlined with “There has rarely been a chance to eat like a king for such a cheap price.”

“One thing that is certain this year, in terms of consumers, is that this is going to the first Christmas for many Aussies that they will be eating them for the first time.” said Sydney Fish Markets spokesman Alex Stollznow.

If you can this Christmas, think about supporting your local Nova Scotia Lobster fisher. Put Nova Scotia lobster on your Christmas or New Year’s menu.

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