Nova Scotian Rolls A $10,000 American Express Prepaid Card – Tim Hortons Says It Was A Mistake

Scott Adams of Kentville, NS rolled up a winner in the Tim Hortons Roll Up To Win promotion. His Tim Hortons app told him he had won a $10,000 American Express Prepaid Card. Then he got an email.

“I’m reaching out to share that for a few hours on Monday, a technical error caused an issue for a small subset of Roll Up To Win players that you are a part of.” reads the message from Tim Hortons. “There is one ultimate winner of each day’s jackpot, and that winner is notified by email the following day.”

“Your roll(s) that you revealed were entered into the jackpot. Unfortunately, as part of that entry, you were presented with an incorrect award message for a prize that is not available to be won instantly.”

Tim Hortons says it will not award the $10,000 American Express Prepaid Card prize that was displayed to Adams. Tim Hortons will instead be crediting Adam’s app with a $50 gift card.

“This is garbage Tim Hortons. I want the $10,000 that your app told me I won.” said Adams in a Facebook post. He says Tim Hortons can keep their $50.

Sarah Smith, also of Nova Scotia shared a similar experience on Facebook.

“Verified my email address with them and was told I would be emailed the redemption instructions and the support person contact.” said Smith on Facebook. “After not receiving the email I made multiple attempts to contact the guest services dept as well as digital support.” After sending screen shots I was completely ghosted.”

She feels a $50 gift card is an insult and she is owed the $10,000 American Express Prepaid Card Tim Hortons told her she had won.

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