Nova Scotian Brothers Have Their Soda Hit Costco Stores Across The USA

Brothers John and Ryan MacLellan, hailing from Nova Scotia, are making waves in the beverage industry with their innovative drink, Cove Soda. Originating from the quaint setting of Malignant Cove, Nova Scotia, Cove Soda, which is available across Canada, is now making its presence felt across the United States with a rollout in 530 Costco warehouses.

John and Ryan MacLellan started Cove Drinks in their mother’s kitchen in Malignant Cove, N.S. – Photo: Cove Drinks

Cove Drinks, the company started by the MacLellan brothers in their mother’s kitchen, has introduced Cove Soda as the first zero sugar soda that incorporates 1 billion probiotics and real organic ingredients. The drink, which launched in the U.S. at 140 Fresh Market locations in February, will now be available in a 15-pack variety featuring flavors like Classic Cola and Root Beer among others.

Speaking about the expansion, Cove Drinks CEO John MacLellan said, “This is a pivotal moment for our business. As we see consumer health habits evolve, retail leaders like Costco are seeking out the right brand partners to respond to those demands.” He proudly added, “We attribute our traction to the fact that we are the only company to craft a zero sugar, all natural and functional soda recipe that both adults and children enjoy. We now have a prime opportunity to get our product in the hands of 140 million Costco members – quite a ride from humble beginnings at the Farmers market, to the largest CPG stage in America.”

John and Ryan MacLellan started Cove Drinks in their mother’s kitchen in Malignant Cove, N.S. – Photo: Cove Drinks

The demand for healthier beverage options has grown significantly since the pandemic, with many consumers looking for alternatives to traditional sodas. This shift in consumer habits has helped propel the functional soda category, where Cove Soda belongs, growing over 250% in 2023 and approaching $1 billion in annual sales across North America.

Additionally, Cove Drinks is also launching five new flavors in Sobeys locations across Canada this month, including Dr. Cove, Ginger Ale, Raspberry, Cherry, and Grapefruit.

For Nova Scotians John and Ryan MacLellan, Cove Soda represents not just a business venture, but a commitment to healthier living. With their roots deeply embedded in Nova Scotia, they continue to inspire health-conscious consumers both locally and internationally.

For more information about Cove Drinks and a full list of retailers, visit the Cove Drinks website at

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