Nova Scotia Brewery Offering Cheap Beer To Those Who Get Vaccinated

Have you gotten the jab, or plan on it? Then you’ve earned yourself a beer says Halifax’s Good Robot Brewing Company. If you are vaccinated they will sell you a cold beer for the lowest price they are allowed to by law.

They will pour 2021 beers for the price of $2.75 and to get one, you simply have to show your record of vaccination or vaccination appointment confirmation e-mail.

The offer starts today and the beers will be spread over three months. The first 400 vaccinated guests will get the offer in April. Then the first 400 vaccinated guests in May can claim their beer and in June the first 300 guests will receive the offer. There may be some date changes based on vaccine roll-out.

Good Robot Brewing Company is located at 2736 Robie Street in Halifax.

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