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Lobster Is Cheaper Than Ground Beef Right Now In Nova Scotia – Sink Your Claws Into Some

Lobster lovers rejoice! The spring lobster season has begun in Nova Scotia and the price for consumers is better than ever! Gather your family bubble and prepare to feast on fresh local lobster!

The prices haven’t been this good in a long time. It is mainly because the demand in China is lower due to COVID-19. In previous seasons, this is where much of Nova Scotia’s catch had been shipped.

Lobster is in fact less expensive per pound right now if you purchase from the wharf or local sellers than lean ground beef at Sobeys and Superstore.

You can currently buy lean ground beef at Atlantic Superstore for $7.49/lb and Sobeys for $5.99/lb

You can purchase live lobster on Nova Scotia’s mainland for as low as $5/lb in the New Glasgow and Pictou areas. In Cape Breton, it’s selling as low as $4.50/lb around Glace Bay, Louisbourg and other areas.

Melt your butter, get ready to feast and support your local fishermen.

How do you get your hands on Lobster at these prices? Read our our other article on how to get the best lobster deals in Nova Scotia.

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