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Liquor And Beer Sales At the NSLC Up Millions During COVID-19. Here Are The Numbers.


We wanted to offer clarification on Labatt products brewed in Nova Scotia. Popular brands like Alexander Keith’s, Budweiser, Busch, Oland Export and many more are  brewed in Halifax at the Oland Brewery. They employ upwards of 200 people and have been part of the community for over 130 years. The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation doesn’t classify them as a Nova Scotia product, but we wanted to point out that many Labatt products are locally made and help support the Nova Scotia economy. In fact, $175-180 million of Labatt products is sold annually at the NSLC.


At a time when Nova Scotians are confined to their homes, we appear to be thirsty. Liquor and beer sales at the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation stores were up millions of dollars this March over the same period last year.

Nova Scotians bought $56.5 million worth of booze from the NSLC in March 2020. That’s a 14.4% increase over the same period last year.

Nova Scotia ready to drink beverages like Blue Lobster Lemon Lime Soda and Coldstream Vodka Soda Cranberry increased a whopping 184.2% this March compared to last.

Blue Lobster Lemon Lime Soda was the province’s favourite made in Nova Scotia beverage with March sales of $217k. Nine Locks Dirty Blonde was Nova Scotia’s favourite craft beer with sales of $87k.

Budweiser Lager 18 packs sold $1.92 million and Keith’s India Pale Ale 18 packs sold $1.39 million in March.

The numbers:

Sales for all categories March 2020 (March 2019 results)

Beer sales: $23 million (21.4 million) 7.49% growth
Wine sales: $13.5 million (10.9 million) 23.76% growth
Spirit sales: $16 million (13.2 million) 21.23% growth
Ready To Drink sales: $3.1 million (2.1 million) 49.07% growth
Cider sales: $0.9 million (0.8 million) 8.45% growth

Top 10 Nova Scotia Products:
Product and sales in dollars.

  1. BLUE LOBSTER LEMON LIME SODA 6x355ml – $217k
  3. BLUE LOBSTER 750ml – $140k
  4. BLUE LOBSTER 1140ml – $134k
  5. BENJAMIN BRIDGE NOVA 7 750ml – $109k
  6. COLDSTREAM VODKA SODA CRAN 6x355ml – $102k
  7. COLDSTREAM PEACH ICED TEA 6x355ml – $102k
  8. JOST L’ACADIE PINOT GRIGIO 3000ml – $100k
  9. NINE LOCKS DIRTY BLONDE 4x473ml – $87k
  10. COLDSTREAM VODKA SODA LIME 6x355ml – $84k

Top 10 Non-Nova Scotia Products:
Product and sales in dollars.

  1. BUDWEISER LAGER 18x355ml – $1,992k
  2. KEITHS INDIA PALE ALE 18x355ml – $1,385k
  3. BUD LIGHT LAGER 18x355ml – $1,328k
  4. COORS LIGHT LAGER 18x355ml – $1,066k
  5. BUSCH ICE 15x355ml – $750k
  6. CAPTAIN MORGAN WHITE 1750ml – $582k
  7. BUDWEISER LAGER 12x355ml – $537k
  8. BUSCH LAGER 15x355ml – $517k
  9. OLAND EXPORT ALE 12x355ml – $507k
  10. BUDWEISER LAGER 36x355ml – $458k

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