It’s February… Where’s Roll Up The Rim?

Every year around this time, Canadians have their fingers rolling up the rim to win at Tim Horton’s, but so far this February it’s nowhere to be found.

One insider has told us to look for the “new and improved” promotion in March this year.

After a dismal performance in 2019 it was announced that the popular Canadian promotion would be revamped for 2020. Sales declined during the first quarter of 2019 by 0.6 percent worldwide and in Canada by 0.4 percent, surprising as that was Roll Up The Rim season. Timmy’s had even added an additional 7 million prizes.

Maybe the other problem is many Canadians posted online that they weren’t winning as much as they should. One posted online that he was 1 for 70 with his wins. While others had won numerous times, including one who can be seen below winning 10 for 21.

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Roll Up The Rim To Win 2019 Results . 10/21 = 47.6% Success Rate. . @timhortons @timhortonsus #timhortons #tims #timmys #timmysrun #rolluptherim #rolluptherimtowin @rolluptherimtowin #Canada #coffee #☕️ #pleaseplayagain #win #caffeine

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Tim Horton’s was looking to reboot the promotion in 2020 with a fresh modern approach that included seamless digital integration. It has yet to be seen and we are in now in the midst of traditional Roll Up The Rim season.

We’ll be watching for the 2020 roll out of Roll Up The Rim to see what’s new and fresh about the campaign. Frankly we’re missing the $1 any size coffees at McDonald’s that typically launch when Roll Up The Rim comes around.

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