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He Traveled 20 Hours To Nova Scotia For Starbucks

Meet Winter, he has been “Starbucking” for 22 years. He started visiting Starbucks locations when he was 25 and he’s now 47. He has visited over 15,000 Starbucks locations in 55 countries.

He travels light and camps in his car. He has his clothes, blankets and supplies with him. But one of the most important items is his box of memorabilia filled with cards and letters well wishers have sent him.

It’s not necessarily about the coffee and not even specifically about Starbucks, but Winter does have a keen interest in Starbucks store design.

Winter traveled from Rochester, New York to Sydney, Nova Scotia to visit the oldest Starbucks in North America he had yet to visit. Keep in mind, it only opened in 2016.

Winter has an interesting quirk. He won’t pump more dollars worth of gas into his car than the number of the pump he is pumping from. Low and behold, the East Bay Country Market, located outside of Sydney on Route 4 doesn’t have pump numbers and he was able to fill his tank for the first time in his memory.

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Quite literally the first petrol station that I have ever seen, in thirty years of driving, WITH NO PUMP NUMBERS!!! Ladies and gentlemen, that is what we call a loophole, to my requirement to only pump an amount of petrol equal to the pump number, and thus this is the first time in about half a year that I've been able to FILL MY TANK.

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Winter was the subject of a Vice special and said in it about his journey to Cape Breton, “It has been a long haul, but I would say the pay off, not just the Starbucks, but taking a detour to The Cabot Trail has been worth it because the views were absolutely magnificent.” You can view the full video below.

He goes on to add “If i had an infinite amount of time, I could just hang out here forever.”

Winter’s mother has dementia. He spends as much time with her as possible. One of the reasons he documents his adventures as much as he can is, someday if his memory isn’t what it used to be he can look back on what he’s done.

He’s learned how kind people can be through his adventures. He’s learned about himself and what he’s capable of.

Winter hopes to Starbuck for as long as possible, whether it’s into his 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s.

Some people say to him Starbucking is pointless, but he asks them to, point to something that anyone is doing that isn’t pointless.

Winter, this is your invitation from Nova Scotians to come back and visit our latest Starbucks location in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Currently under construction and opening early 2020.

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