Cape Breton Chinese Food Restaurant Issues Apology

The owner of a Sydney, Cape Breton Chinese food restaurant has issued an apology for temporarily banning Chinese students from his restaurant due to fears of Coronavirus.

Ken Zhou and his wife Shen Fergqin, owners of Fortune Star Chinese Food Restaurant on Prince Street in Sydney have been distraught by their actions trying to protect customers from worries about Coronavirus.

They have taken out an ad to be published in Saturday’s issue of The Cape Breton Post, written in both English and Chinese.

“I’m really sorry, really sorry, I apologize to everyone,” Zhou told the Cape Breton Post. “I’m sorry to every Canadian and to every Chinese student.”

Many in Sydney have commented online that although wrong, they will be returning to Fortune Star when it reopens. Some have said Zhou was simply trying to look out for his customers and his actions may have been misinterpreted and he meant to offend no one.

Zhou had said that his restaurant would be closed for the month of February. He isn’t sure of the date he will reopen but told the Cape Breton Post he would take three or four weeks.

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