Believe It Or Not, Storm Chips Pizza Is Now A Thing

Covered Bridge Potato Chips is locally famous for their Storm Chips, but now there is a new pizza flavour that has blown our mind. Storm Chips Pizza is now available through Greco Pizza.

The two Atlantic Canadian companies teamed up in late 2022 to introduce Storm Chips Pizza, which features an edge encrusted with bite-sized Storm Chips and more Storm Chips tossed in the middle of the pie.

Covered Bridge worked closely with Greco Pizza to make sure the flavour and crunchiness of the kettle chips complemented Greco’s famous pizza.

Covered Bridge Potato Chips feature a combination of four potato chip flavours. Creamy dill, ketchup, smokin’ sweet BBQ and sea salt & vinegar chips are combined in one bag. Now the flavours are being baked into Greco’s pizza. The pizza company even adds bacon, classic pepperoni, salami, green pepper, and mushroom to the pizza for the ultimate taste bud experience.

You can order tonight by calling 310-3030!

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