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Order Groceries From Home: Atlantic Superstore Removes Online Shopping Fees Due To Coronavirus

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak in Canada, Loblaws and Atlantic Superstore is making it easier for grocery shoppers to order from home and pick up for free at the store from the comfort of their car. You can also choose to have them delivered to your home.

Atlantic Superstore’s parent company Loblaws, released a statement saying that, “During the current public health situation, we’re working to provide Canadians access to affordable and fresh food. Prices will remain the same in-store and online through PC Express pickup, we are eliminating pickup fees for all PC Express online grocery orders, as well as bringing the price of home delivered items down.”

Recently across Canada there has been a rush by Canadians to stock up on groceries and other essentials. In the current environment, with this announcement by Loblaws, we expect many people to take advantage of it.

If you’re interested in shopping for groceries from home and picking them up in the parking lot or having them delivered to your home, please visit Atlantic Superstore’s website.

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