70% Of The Sun Will Be Blocked During A Solar Eclipse Over Nova Scotia On June 10

When you wake up on Thursday, June 10 you may want to use proper equipment and catch the partial solar eclipse that will be happening in the skies over Nova Scotia. That morning, the moon will move between the earth and the sun, blocking light from the sun.

In our area, you can expect to see around 70% of the sun blocked. The eclipse will begin at 5:36am. It will reach it’s maximum at 6:33am and end at 7:35am.

Sunrise on June 10 is at 5:29am in Halifax, 5:09am in Sydney and 5:42am in Yarmouth.

You can purchase proper equipment to view a solar eclipse at online stores such as Amazon.

In 2024, the Great North American Solar Eclipse will occur on April 8. A few of Nova Scotia’s most northern communities including Meat Cove will be be able to view the total eclipse of the sun.

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