Nobody Won The Lotto Max Jackpot Last Night And The Prize Is Now Ridiculously Big

The next Lotto Max draw will be another record setting Canadian lottery prize because nobody in the entire country matched last night’s seven numbers.

Plenty of Max Million prizes were taken home, even one in Atlantic Canada, but no notable prizes were won in Nova Scotia. In total 34 Max Million prizes went across the country.

The draw on June 18 will be for a total of $140 million. The jackpot is $70 million and there will be 70 Max Million draws. The odds of matching all seven numbers is just over 1 in 33 million.

This will be the fourth week in a row a record is broken for the largest lottery draw in Canadian history. The past three draws have been $117 million, $120 million and $128 million consecutively.

You can purchase your Lotto Max tickets at local Atlantic Lottery outlets or on their website at

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