Cineplex Is Inviting You And Your Bubble For A Private VIP Screening At The Cinema

Cineplex is offering a new way of going to the movies in theatres across the country!

They’re giving you and your bubble the opportunity to be the only ones in the audience at their new Private Movie Nights.

You get to pick the exclusive guest list of up to 20 people to attend the private showing of select movies or favourite classics Cineplex is currently screening. The best part is you get the entire auditorium reserved for you and your private group!

You can celebrate date night with a big screen private viewing or plan a family holiday matinee.

There will be limited time slots available to pick each day. For Scotiabank Theatre in Halifax you can reserve through Cineplex’s website. If you are elsewhere in the province, book your private movie through this form.

The cost to book the entire theatre for your bubble ranges from $125 – $199 depending on if the movie is new or a second run.

“Going to the movies is a holiday tradition for so many Canadians, and we are delighted to offer a safe and welcoming place for families and friends to keep their traditions alive through the magic of the movie theatre experience,” said Ellis Jacob, President and CEO, Cineplex.

“Health and safety remain our top priority today and throughout this entire pandemic, and I couldn’t be prouder of how hard our local theatre teams have worked to keep Canadians safe since our reopening. ‘Private Movie Nights’ are an affordable way for families, friends, and other groups to safely gather and celebrate the season.”

There are changes to expect at Cineplex including increased cleaning procedures. All auditorium seats, handrails and booster seats are wiped down with industrial-grade cleaning products between each showtime.

Hand sanitizer is readily available in the lobby and games area. All employees and guests must wear face masks as required per Nova Scotia’s regulations.

“I think the way that you enter the building, the way that you exit the building has changed, the way that you get concessions has changed. But on a very base level, we’re all there for the magic of the big screen and that hasn’t changed.” said Sarah Van Lange, Executive Director of Communications for Cineplex to Nova Scotia Buzz.

Freaky staring Vince Vaughn comes out today, Friday The 13th at Cineplex’s Scotiabank Theatre in Halifax.

This is a great opportunity to host birthday parties or other social events. Perhaps you are wondering what your office should do for Christmas. With limited options available these days, Cineplex is offering a chance to return to the cinema and to feel safe doing so.

Tenet starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson and Michael Caine is one of the movies available to book at Scotiabank Theatre for your private screening

You can now book your private screening in Halifax online through Cineplex’s website. If you are elsewhere you will use this online form.

For larger groups or corporate events you can contact Cineplex.

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