Halifax Could See NHL Heritage Classic Game

Schooner Sports and Entertainment, the group behind the proposed CFL stadium which would be built in Dartmouth’s Shannon Park has informed the NHL it plans to formally begin a proposal to host a NHL Heritage Classic in Halifax.  This is pending approval of the CFL stadium and proposal that is up for vote in December by city council.

Could Sidney Crosby, Nathan MacKinnon or Brad Marchand play on home ice in a regular season game? It is yet to be seen, but is certainly an interesting proposal put forth by Schooner Sports and Entertainment who is trying to diversify the events which would be held at the stadium to make it more viable for the city.

The stadium is not without controversy as a lot of residents have said they don’t wish to have their tax dollars put forward for such a venture. Just recently, Councillor Sam Austin proposed that the whole idea be ditched before the review was finished. His motion was defeated by council.

What do you think?

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